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Suzhou-Los Angeles Trans-boundary Roadshow and Boya Entrepreneurship Contest 2017 Opened on 22nd May

| 2017.05.23

In the morning of 22nd May, under the support of APECTT and Suzhou Association for Science and Technology, UCLA (Suzhou) Institute for Technology Advancement and Peking University Alumni Association of Southern California (PUAASC) organized, in joint efforts, the Suzhou-Los Angeles Trans-boundary Roadshow and Boya Entrepreneurship Contest 2017.

The Roadshow invited 8 overseas business startup teams. By virtue of video links, the Boya Entrepreneurship Contest, held in Los Angeles, was live streamed in Suzhou. The event helped induce collisions and discussions between the two places in terms of innovation, business and culture and was a feast of innovation and entrepreneurship. The event also invited over 10 persons in charge of entrepreneurship investment organizations and incubators.

The 8 roadshow programs were mainly in the field of artificial intelligence, internet and biomedicine. Doctor Li Huiying, devoted in the area of biomedicine, delivered a speech titled Treatment of Skin Micro biome Acne, which brought hope to the patients. Modern people are troubled by insomnia. Woniu Shuimian (Snail Sleep) is an app that can improve people’s sleep. It can record sleep state, sleep talks, snoring and noises around. It has original lullabies and alarm clocks. The Woniu Shuimian program, led by Gao Song, demonstrated to us the fun and practical use of the app. The app is distinctive for its recognition algorithm of dream talks and snoring and its users’ attention to its contents and market dominance. The program won the championship of the Entrepreneur Contest.

Qiu Xun, Director of International Cooperation Department of Suzhou Association for Science and Technology, said, “There is no experience available for innovation and entrepreneurship activities for overseas talents. This trans-boundary roadshow serves as an exploration for a new method. I hope you can leave your valuable suggestions here.” Lu Yizhong, Director of APECTT pointed out, “The live streaming system is good and I hope this system can be utilized to the fullest extent to conduct exchanges of ideas on domestic and international programs. Hopefully, it can benefit Suzhou’s economic development.”