Traffic signs recognition for driver assistance and driverless car

Technical Field: Software
Application Area: Information Transmission / Software and Information Technology Service
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Status: Mass Production
From: China

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1) This driver assistant system is to apply the method of neural network to help the car recognize traffic signs and the color of traffic lights on the road as it travels with those stored in the data bases in real time like a human brain.

2) The real time recognition of the traffic signs and the color of traffic lights is used to: firstly, help drivers drive safely on the road; secondly, notify the drivers with color blind the color of traffic lights; thirdly, apply in research and developments of vision of driverless car. 

3) It is different from the method of computer vision recognition. 

1) Help drivers with safety driving.
2) Help drivers with color blind.
3) Create the vision for driverless car.
PRODUCT DIFINITION real time recognition of traffic signs and the color of traffic lights.


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